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Dear passengers and guests of Samarkand Airport!
Before using the paid airport parking services, please read the rules and procedures for paying for the provided services.

Free now


parking lots

Parking Group Contacts +998 (55) 705 48 31
Working hours

Daily according to the airport's working hours

Parking zone

Parking zone Parking zone


First 15 minutes

Parking Grace Period (1st to 15th minute from initial entry)

free of charge*

1 hour

( from the 16 minute of initial entry / from the 1 minute of re-entry to 60 minutes)

250 ₽

2 hours

(from the 16 minute of initial entry / from the 1 minute of re-entry to 120 minutes)

400 ₽

3 hours

( from the 16 minute of initial entry / from the 1 minute of re-entry to 180 minutes)

500 ₽

1 hour

Parking on the territory of the second line of passage

1000 ₽

*The time of using the parking service to be paid is rounded up to a full hour or to a full day in the case of long-term parking. Payment for parking is made at the parking meter by car number.

Please note: parking directly in front of the airport terminal is prohibited. Staying in front of the terminal building for more than 15 minutes will incur a fine in accordance with the current traffic rules of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (traffic police). Additionally when leaving the airport area, a penalty will be charged for violation of the parking limit in the amount of 50,000 UZS/hour.

Rules for using parking lots

  • The smart parking meter automatically recognizes the license plates of cars when entering the territory of the forecourt. If the number is not determined at the entrance to the parking area and the barrier does not open, then you need to get a parking ticket at the parking meter.
  • Vehicles of passengers with disabilities and other persons with disabilities disabilities (disabled people and (or) children with disabilities of I, II and III groups) are placed in the official parking lots of the airport free of charge.
  • You can get to the terminals through the covered elevated passage galleries, after passing through the inspection in the parking building itself.
  • For those arriving at the airport by private vehicle, use the transit lines along the parking buildings for boarding and disembarking passengers.
  • For disembarking or meeting passengers in the transit area, there is an extended time of FREE stay - 15 minutes.
Violation of parking rules

For violation of parking rules, the driver may be denied further access to the parking area of Airport.

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